On-site Agile and Scrum Corporate Training

Lead Your Organization to be Agile

We offer customized, on-site corporate training and workshops to meet your organization’s Agile needs.


With the world already well into the age of Agile, every organization wants to reap the benefits of an Agile transformation. For most, becoming Agile is challenging, but we can help by providing crucial and effective training programs to the employees of any organization embarking on an Agile transformation.

Why choose our on-site Agile and Scrum Corporate Training?

  • Our corporate training courses can be delivered at your desired location(s) anywhere in the world.
  • Sessions can be as small as 6 or as large as your organization needs. For a group of more than 30 participants, we recommend delivering in multiple sessions.
  • Schedule a session based on your team’s availability.
  • In addition to standard certification training programs, we offer completely customized workshops to address your organization’s specific challenges and needs.
  • Cost-effective due to minimized travel expenses and our group discount.
  • Most of the corporate training programs and workshops are led by our Chief Agile Trainer – Gourab Nanda.

Through our training programs, we help your organization to:

  • Gain one common understanding of the concepts and terminologies used throughout the organization during the Agile transformation.
  • Create a shift in the minds of the team to empower them to adopt and follow the principles of Agile & Scrum.
  • Facilitate the cultural changes required in your organization to enable the successful adoption of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe.
  • Impart adequate knowledge and skillsets to enable your team members to become successful Agile professionals and use Agile frameworks with the utmost clarity and confidence.
  • Focus on areas that are the most applicable to your organization’s current needs.

Standard Certification Program

Our on-site training programs offer every team the opportunity to use real-life project cases to develop a better understanding of the course concepts. The group selects an existing project/product/program and applies the techniques and concepts of Agile and Scrum during the session to that project. This has been proven to be the most effective way of learning, and it helps team members apply the concepts immediately in their day-to-day work.

We offer the following certification programs as part of our on-site training sessions:

  • Integrated Scrum Course – A comprehensive single course for both Scrum Masters and Product Owners.
  • Leading SAFe 5.0 – A course for executives, leaders, managers, and architects in an organization that is either implementing SAFe or thinking about it.
  • SAFe Scrum Master A course for those currently playing the role of Scrum Master in a SAFe environment or those who are looking to explore similar opportunities.
  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager – A course exclusively for Product Owners and Product Managers in a SAFe environment.
  • SAFe for Teams – A course for all of the members of a delivery team in a SAFe environment.
  • SAFe for Government – A specific course for a government organization implementing SAFe.
  • SAFe ASE A course exclusively for the technical members of the team in a SAFe environment.

Custom Workshops and Training Programs

There is an inevitable need for most organizations to go with a value-driven and flexible approach to Agile. The journey to becoming Agile has its own challenges, which can include resistance to cultural changes or inadequate experience in the Agile fundamentals. Along with some common challenges, each organization has unique challenges that cannot be completely resolved using Standard Training Programs. To address the specific challenges of each organization, we create customized workshops or training programs for the organizations we work with.

Here’s our process for collaborating with your organization:

  • Acquire information on your teams and the projects they are working on.
  • Find out the current impediments and roadblocks that the team (or organization as a whole) is facing.
  • Design a personalized workshop based on our research.
  • Schedule the workshop (usually 1-2 days) based on the group’s availability.
  • Offer ongoing guidance (either virtual or on-site) to implement the new strategies and tactics discussed in the class.

Here are some of the workshops that we could develop for your organization:

  • Business Agile for Managers and Other Key Stakeholders
  • Scaling Agile for Large Projects
  • Agile Software Development Practices and Underlying Principles
  • How to Align Corporate Goals with Project Team Deliverables
  • Practical Knowledge of the Entire Scrum framework, including Vision, Release Planning, Agile Requirements, Agile Estimation, and Sprints
  • Continuous Integration and Working as a Team toward a Common Enterprise Goal
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Facilitating Team Retrospective Meetings and Making them More Engaging 
  • Product Backlog Grooming and Prioritization Techniques
  • Conducting Major Steps Required to Start a Software Product Development Process and Continuously Deliver Value

Top companies and government agencies where we have conducted on-site private sessions:

Management Seminar

In today’s world, it’s critical for companies to have transformative leaders who can inspire others to change for good. AgileTraining.co hosts on-site and offsite seminars that teach managers how to make an Agile transformation and implement its best practices at their organization. After implementing Agile principles, your team will be able to produce more business value in less time.

In our half-day seminars, we introduce the basic concepts of Agile and how it relates to business communications, stakeholder engagement, risk management, business goals, and other environmental factors.

Note: Contact us today for a group discount. We offer reduced prices for our on-site training programs based on the size of your team.


I wanted to thank you for the extremely successful training sessions.  Your classes have caused a lot of excitement at all levels within Farragut.  The teams are already implementing good changes for the correct reasons.  The teams have a new understanding of why and have a new sense of autonomy.

Sean Klein | Development Manager, Farragut Systems | Raleigh, NC

Taking the Scrum Master training was a great experience that allowed my team and others in our organization to learn the fundamental of the Scrum/Agile methodology. This course was very interactive and the instructor was very engaged in understanding our organization’s needs. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning and applying these concepts in their daily work.

Brandon Dineff | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

I like the rate at which the class was taught. I like training material. The teacher was very knowledgeable.

Reniece Perry | SAIC | Washington, DC

Very, interactive, interesting, instructor knowledgeable.

Bolarinna Oreagba | SAIC | Reston, VA

Applying techniques learned in the course to an actual release for our team.

Matt Peoples | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Superb, easy to understand and very clear explanations. He has a vast amount of experience. It would be awesome if we spent more time together.

Erick Ramirez | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Interactive, used real examples, answered questions, allowed for open discussions. Ensure everyone has some foundation/experiences prior to taking the course.

Victor Bias | Bank of America | New York City, NY

This is an excellent training program to cover basic knowledge about agile/scrum project management.

Vijay Kumar | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

was very knowledgeable and open to questions. He provided good examples and ample support for the methods and techniques for the methods he was teaching.

Tyron  Alston | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

There was a lot of quality content. I feel like I learned a lot.

Taylor  Griffin | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Liked the format. It was helpful to have discussions with the full team and have everyone so through the process. Discussion at hand was helpful.

Jennifer Zin | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Gourab related the materials to our workplace and made things easy to understand. Great course. Good mix of interactive and lecture components.

Alana Lombardi | American Express | New York City, NY

Very Interactive. Instructor assisted us to relate Scrum to our everyday roles.

Kim Milazzo | American Express | New York City, NY

Very interactive, instructor open to discussion of new ideas and adaption to our needs. Up-front investment of instructor (before class) in specific needs of the company would have been helpful.

Heather Ressler | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The content was very good. The material is easy to follow. The quizzes are helpful to reinforce the teachings and stimulate discussions to ensure a good understanding of concepts. Perhaps a type of course tailored to the needs of embedded systems should be considered.

Mark McDermott | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

Official training for mythology we’ve attempted to use in the past. Were able to use our project for the case study, which made the class much more applicable and relevant.

Michael Kissel | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

It was engaging! Learned that embedded agile is different than enterprise software.

Michael Niesslein | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

I liked the instructor’s expertise on the subjects and the examples.

Ivica Eftimovski | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

Very straightforward. Liked the hands-on portion, it was helpful. Maybe some more detail around planning meetings, like how to best start a project.

Ian Miller | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

It was really well put together, followed a logical, easy to follow the flow and the instructor was very good.

Fabrianne Walker | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

I liked the demo using a grocery store. Helped solidify SCRUM methodology.

Adam Caruso | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The case study was very insightful and it helped to see Agile scrum in action.

Robert Weaver | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The pace, sequence, quiz and the approach were all very good.

Ryan T. Kasun | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The presenter had good presentation skills. Hands-on activity was useful. Explain how to run the activity. We wasted some time trying to determine was in the activity.

Mark Smorul | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

Good engagement with class; liked that it was interactive and not just lecturing over slides. Liked the Q&A Scrum Board used to ensure questions get answered. The case study was good to walk through the steps of the scrum.

Scott Jackson | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA