Contact center

Calling leads

    AGENT: May I know who I am speaking to?

    AGENT: Are you calling us for the first time?

    AGENT: Caller may decline to give any information, Warm Patch the caller directly

    AGENT: Are you calling about a training course that we offer?
    If the caller says “Yes” take the course name they are interested in and if the caller says “NO”, enter their queries in Others section

    AGENT: Which training program you are interested in?

    AGENT: Could you please let me know your preferred location to take the course?

    AGENT: May I have your phone # please?

    AGENT: Mention a note below if the caller declines information, you may still warm patch

    AGENT: Let me see if someone is available to speak with you...
    WARM PATCH to 608-999-0337: RACHEL
    WARM PATCH to 240-529-5633: GOURAB

    AGENT: Sorry, we can’t transfer your call at the moment. Our office hour is from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. If you are willing to talk to someone at AgileTraining.Co, please call during office hours.

    AGENT: "Hello, this is TheConnect with CCS. I have a caller on the line for you. Their name is . Regarding - for - , Are you available to take the call?"
    If you are unable to transfer the caller. Please still forward information taken.
    Add note if that caller said no thank you on the return call. Do NOT go back to
    "No Msg/ Hang Up" This message auto sends to the client.

    AGENT: May I have your email address?

    If the call is not transferred, ask for the caller's email address.

    If you have any additional mesage, please write it below.