SAFe for Government Course Outline


Advancing Lean-Agile in Government

  • Recognize the problem to be solved
  • Review the state of Lean-Agile adoption in the U.S Federal government
  • Know the basic constructs of SAFe and the Implementation Roadmap

Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset

  • Embrace the Lean Mindset
  • Support the Agile Manifesto

Understanding SAFe principles

  • SAFe Lean-Agile principles

Creating High-Performing Teams and Programs

  • Create high-performing Agile teams
  • Continuously deliver value with Agile Release Trains (ARTS)
  • Provision key ART roles
  • Coordinate and integrate multiple ARTs and Suppliers

Planning with Cadence and synchronization

  • Prepare to experience PI Planning
  • Create and review draft PI plans
  • Finalize plans and establish business value
  • Review final plans and commit to a set of PI Objectives

Supporting Program Execution

  • Guide innovation and exploration for Programs and Large Solutions
  • Manage flow of value
  • Update the Program Vision and roadmap
  • Define system attributes with Features
  • Set priorities with Backlog refinement
  • Engage in key SAFe events

Mapping the Path to Agency/Program Agility

  • Map the journey to agency/program agility
  • Build large programs to align with agency strategy
  • Transition from projects to Lean flow of Epics
  • Adopt Lean budgeting aligned to Value Streams
  • Apply Lean estimating and forecasting with cadence-based development
  • Modify acquisition practices to enable Lean-Agile development and operations
  • Build-in quality and compliance
  • Adapt governance practices to support agility and lean flow of value

Leading Successful Change

  • Know how to become a Lean-thinking manager-teacher
  • Learn how to lead a SAFe transformation
  • Define next steps

About the exam

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  • Study and learn
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