Discover the TRUE nature of Agile and what it takes to become an Agile Professional, an Agile Team and or Agile Organization.

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Agile for Everyone
An Agile Fundamentals Training

Join Gourab Nanda, Our Chief Agile Trainer, in this exciting and FREE one-day workshop.

Anyone Can Attend

This course is literally designed for everyone - Beginners, Practitioners and Leaders.

Agile Fundamentals

A fundamental course on Agile that is a lot more than just the fundamentals. Discover all the core aspects of Agile.

Jump-start your Career

A workshop that includes lectures, discussions, explorations and exercises which will give a boost to your career.

What will you learn?

Keep in Mind: Just because this course covers the “Fundamentals” doesn’t mean it's only for beginners. It's imperative for practitioners and leaders to have absolute clarity on the fundamentals to carry out their responsibilities properly. The more clarity you have on the fundamentals, the easier it is to handle more complex situations when they arise.

This course is designed to cover all the core principles and aspects of Agile without using any framework or methodology as the basis.

  • What is the deeper meaning of Agile and why is it so important today?
  • What is an Agile Mindset and what does it take to develop it?
  • What types of competencies are required to build an Agile Mindset and a sustainable Agile culture in an organization?
  • What is Value-Based delivery and how does it help in being Agile?
  • What are the benefits of the Incremental / Iterative Delivery method? (A brief introduction to Sprint.)
  • Where do Lean and Kanban fit into an Agile environment?
  • What is Systems Thinking and why is it important in an Agile organization?
  • What are the advantages and structures of Self-Managed teams? (An introduction to the Scrum Team.)
  • How does a culture of Learning and Growth expedite both Individual and Organizational Agility?
  • Do we need a completely different type of Leadership to nurture Agility in our people and teams?
    We’ll explore all of that, and more.

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Schedule a custom private session for your team today for only $999 (upto 50 attendees).

Whether your team has been struggling to implement an Agile approach for a while or is completely new to Agile, our Agile for Everyone course is designed to get everyone on board.

Much more than a lecture, Agile for Everyone is chock-full of real-world examples and activities. And, it’s taught exclusively by our Chief Agile Trainer.

When you schedule a private session, we customize your team’s experience at every level. Here’s how:

  • We help your team understand the core fundamentals of Agile so that they develop a common understanding and can work together more harmoniously
  • Agile so that they have a common understanding of key terms, roles, and concepts, creating more harmony
  • We incorporate case studies directly from your workplace
  • We incorporate examples directly from your workplace
  • We empower your team members to apply Agile to their jobs on the spot
  • We provide follow-up support and consultations for all of your Agile needs, including certification

Every company is different, and every team brings its own challenges and advantages to integrating Agile, which is why courses like ours are tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Empower your team to collaborate, adapt, and deliver more value through Agile. Contact us today for a consultation.

Meet Your Host:

This powerful online program is designed by our Chief Agile Trainer Gourab Nanda. Gourab is a highly experienced Agile Trainer and coach who has been guiding people and organizations in becoming Agile for the last eight years.

He has trained thousands of students and worked with dozens of Private and Government organizations. Some of the companies he has helped are Bank of America, USPS, American Express, US Marine Corp., NATO, AARP, Kaiser Permanente, SAIC, Customers Bank, and many more.

Gourab is a senior Agile Instructor, Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Agile Leader, Kanban Management Professional, and SAFe Program Consultant.

What we expect from you?

This is not one of those free webinars used for marketing. We are only looking for people who have a serious interest in exploring, learning, and growing in Agile. Please commit to your registration and be available on time. If you can’t make it, let us know ASAP (no later than two days prior to the scheduled date.)

Make sure you are focused during the training time (10 am - 4 pm EST). Sessions are fully interactive and require your attention. There will be two ten minute breaks and one 45 mins break for lunch.

If you are new to Agile, its a good idea to read something on Agile before the class. There is a ton of information on Agile available on the internet. Just search “What is Agile” in Google or YouTube and see what people are saying about it. Keep notes on all your thoughts, doubts, and questions.

Because there is no formal test to take, your involvement and participation are required to receive a course completion certificate.

What attendees are saying about
our programs

Tyron Alston


Raleigh, NC

Gourab was very knowledgeable and open to questions. He provided good examples and ample support for the methods and techniques for the methods he was teaching.

Chris Jeffries

Executive office for US Attorneys (EOUSA)

Washington DC

Gourab is an excellent teacher with a lot of knowledge on Agile and Scrum. He gave great examples.

Niswiper-slidee George

Agile Consultant

Edison, NJ

Gourab was a patient and helpful teacher. He shared his knowledge and experience in a friendly style, that we will not forget.

Michael Witbeck


Washington DC

The instructor knows the material. Well-arranged for the student’s w/o prior knowledge of the business area. We were very short on time but I would have liked a little more activities and examples.

Walter Williams


Washington DC

The instructor's knowledge was very good. He was able to hold class attention throughout the course.

Kay Fudala

Consultant & Coach

Richmond, VA

Gourab was a fantastic instructor. I enjoyed the real-world examples. He was patient in listening and answering all questions.

Erick Ramirez


Raleigh, NC

Superb, easy to understand and very clear explanations. He has a vast amount of experience. It would be awesome if we spent more time together.

Keith Wurst


Morrisville NC

The course was excellent. I enjoyed the in-class activities and the teacher was an expert.



Washington DC

The instructor knows the material. Well-arranged for the student’s w/o prior knowledge of the business area. We were very short on time but I would have liked a little more activities and examples.

Terrell Russell

E3 Federal

Washington DC

I love how interactive, patient and knowledgeable Gourab was. Really enjoyed

Ranjan Bhattacharya

Synergy Global Technologies

Washington DC

Gourab was very detailed and approachable and it was a great training session.

Randy Diboll


Linthicum MD

Well-taught course. The instructor was very good at keeping the students focused on the important elements of Scrum and it’s different roles and attributes. Patiently kept us on track and didn’t let us stay into incorrect thinking.

Vijay Kumar


Raleigh, NC

This is an excellent training program to cover basic knowledge about agile/scrum project management.

Matt Andrews

MAG Aerospace

Raleigh NC

All of this information was completely new to me. The course was instructed and displayed in a manner for everyone to understand.

Sean Klein

Development Manager, Farragut Systems

Raleigh, NC

I wanted to thank you for the extremely successful training sessions. Your classes have caused a lot of excitement at all levels within Farragut. The teams are already implementing good changes for the correct reasons. The teams have a new understanding of why and have a new sense of autonomy.

Isha Thapa

IT Concepts

Baltimore, MD

The student guide is easy to understand. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to provide simple understandable case scenarios to assist me with the understanding/learning process.

Diana Ziman


The class was very well structured, clearly explained, material/slides extremely useful and comprehensive, even for a person (like myself) with no background in the field. Thank you!

Octavia Thompson


Washington DC

The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear and concise manner. I'd like to see an additional "real world" examples.