Integrated Scrum Course

A seamless blend of Scrum Master and Product Owner training

Thoroughly Imbibe the Agile Way of Project Management with Our Integrated Scrum Course

Scrum Master + Product Owner

Integrated Scrum Course is our flagship course that enables ambitious Agile and Scrum professionals to gain complete clarity of the Agile framework and in-depth understanding of all the roles and responsibilities in the Scrum Flow.

One Course For All Scrum Roles

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Taking the Scrum Master training was a great experience that allowed my team and others in our organization to learn the fundamental of the Scrum/Agile methodology. This course was very interactive and the instructor was very engaged in understanding our organization’s needs. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning and applying these concepts in their daily work.

Sean Klein | Development Manager, Farragut Systems | Raleigh, NC Read more testimonials

Why Integrated Scrum Course?

  • 1
    A Course designed for all Agile and Scrum PractitionersStarts with Fundamentals of Agile and gain a deeper understanding of Agile mindset at all levels and roles
  • 2
    A Complete Scrum Course A comprehensive course that covers in-depth on the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles with best technical practices
  • 3
    Learn Kanban Basics Understand basics of Kanban and how it can be used along with Scrum
  • 4
    Flexibility in CertificationsChoose Scrum Master, Product Owner Certification or Both or None.
  • 5
    Save time and money One Course. One registration. One course material. 2-Certification options.
  • 6
    Improve your career prospects Get better opportunities as Scrum Master or a PO or a team member

Why AgileTraining.Co Scrum Training?

  • 1
    Vast training experience Successfully conducted 300+ open classes and 50+ corporate training programs.
  • 2
    Thousands of positive reviews 99% satisfied participants. Read learner testimonials.
  • 3
    Learn from senior mentors Experienced trainers with 5+ years of Agile training and 15+ years of hands-on work experience.
  • 4
    All inclusiveCourse material and Certification exam fee is included in the course fees.
  • 5
    Cost-effective Group discounts and Alumni discount on other courses offered by Agile Training.Co.
  • 6
    Lively, interactive trainingNo boring PPTs. Real-life case studies, role-play, problem solving, career guidance.

Who Should Attend Integrated Scrum Course?

  • Professionals who are interested in becoming a Scrum Master or Product Owner
  • Professionals who are inexperienced in Agile framework and want to open up new career opportunities
  • Leaders who are following traditional methodologies and want to create an Agile organization
  • Senior Leaders, Project Managers, VPs, CIOs, CTOs, Directors, Business Owners, or Team Members who are a part of an Agile organization
  • Leaders who want to coach or understand the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner

Learning Objectives

  • Become the master of end-to-end Agile project management
  • Understand why businesses opt for Agile and what are the benefits of this framework as compared to traditional models
  • Get absolute clarity on Agile software development values and principles
  • Thoroughly understand the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Master and Product Owner while getting an overview about the Development Team
  • Study the Scrum Framework, Sprint Flow and their purpose in delivering continuous value to the business
  • Learn how to work in and build high-performing and motivated Scrum teams
  • Know where your organization stands currently and how you can leverage Agile as a leader or as a team member
  • Learn how to build self-organizing, self-managing and highly collaborative teams for an Agile organization

Modes of Training To Suit Your Needs

Open classroom training

  • Highly interactive two-day course led by experienced instructors
  • Small group size. Personalized attention
  • Held in major cities in the USA – Currently only in East Cost.
  • Class timing from 9:30 – 5:00 pm EST
  • Light Breakfast, Lunch and Beverages provided
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied
  • Free refresher option

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Customized on-site training

  • Great for Private training for a Team
  • Program customized to meet your current Agile situation
  • Real-World case study
  • No location constraint
  • Group discounts, flexible approach
  • Multiple teams can be trained together

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Live instructor virtual classes

  • Remote web-based access for people who are unable to attend classroom training
  • Highly interactive and collaborative sessions by trained instructors
  • Course materials will be available electronically
  • Free refresher option to join physical class
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied

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