Agile Requirements Workshop


Traditional requirements can no longer keep up with the fast-paced business world of today. But, the transition to Agile Requirements can be frustrating. Teams are often bogged down by too many details and not enough clarity. Our exclusive User Story Workshop is designed to bring focus to Agile Requirements.

We dig deep into the different levels of requirements and the User Story technique. Learn all about how this user-focused and adaptable strategy can help teams define, track, and manage changing product requirements.


Anyone and everyone who works with User Story requirements or the Product Backlog can benefit from our User Story workshop. It’s an especially good fit for:

  • Product Owners
  • Stakeholders
  • Business and Requirements Analysts
  • QA Professionals and Testers
  • Systems Analysts, Developers, and Architects


  • Value Driven Delivery in Agile
  • Product Vision Statement
  • Epics, Features, Stories
  • Using a Story Map for requirement analysis (Including MVP and MMF)
  • Whole Product Thinking
  • Product Roadmaps with Product Goals as Milestones
  • Splitting Features into INVEST Stories (different techniques for Story Splitting)
  • Acceptance Criteria (BDD and other formats)
  • Definition of Done (DoD) for the desired quality
  • Practice with writing stories from your own Backlog
  • Maintaining a READY Product Backlog
  • Creating Sprint Goals


  • The importance of Value Driven Development and how it’s different from development driven by solely by scope or a plan.
  • The value of the Product Vision, Product Goals, and Sprint Goals in developing requirements
  • Practical strategies for splitting larger requirements (Epics and Features) into smaller pieces (User Stories) for improved value delivery.
  • How quality and technical requirements can be fully integrated with business requirements

Which User Story Workshop is right for you?

Private Workshop

Does your whole team need a better understanding of User Stories and Agile Requirements? We’ll work with you to create an exclusive, custom workshop designed just for your organization and its unique challenges.

If an on-site workshop isn’t possible, our Agile Trainer will develop a virtual, but still interactive, session for your team.

Onsite and virtual workshop prices vary based on team size.

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