Scrum Product Owner Certification Training

The Path to a Successful Scrum Product Owner

Curious about what effective Scrum Product Owner Certification Training can do for you and your team?

Product Owners are an essential part of any Scrum Team. They act as the voice of the customer and are ultimately responsible for delivering a successful product.

New Product Owners need comprehensive guidance on their path toward consistently delivering value. They need to understand not just their own responsibilities, but those of the Scrum Master and the Developers, too.

Our top-rated Integrated Scrum Course takes Scrum Product Owner Certification training to the next level by giving POs the foundation they need to develop a clear product vision, maintain the backlog, and maximize the value of products and systems.

INTEGRATED SCRUM COURSE for Scrum Product Owner Certification Training

  • Overview of the entire Scrum framework and accountabilities
  • In-depth coverage of the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles
  • Explanation of the team dynamic between the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the Developers
  • Become certified as a Product Owner with the option of an additional Scrum Master Certification
  • Best-value course on the market for comprehensive Product Owner training
  • Consistently high ratings from satisfied customers. Read learner reviews.
  • Exposure to both Product Owner and Scrum Master career opportunities in the Agile world
  • A one-of-a-kind course that transforms participants into complete Agile professionals


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Why our Integrated Scrum Course?

  • 1

    A Course Designed for All Agile Practitioners Reinforce your knowledge of Agile & Scrum fundamentals and understand how they can be applied at every level.

  • 2

    A Complete Scrum Course Learn the ins and outs of the entire Scrum framework, including a deep dive into the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles.

  • 3

    Learn Kanban Basics Understand the basics of Kanban and how it can be used in tandem with Scrum to deliver more value.

  • 4

    Flexibility in Certifications One Course. One registration. One set of course materials. Multiple Certification options.

  • 5

    Save time and money One Course. One registration. One set of course materials. Multiple Certification options.

  • 6

    Give Your Career a Boost Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and other Agilers are in high demand. Create more opportunities for advancement in your career.

Why AgileTraining.Co?

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    Vast training experience Successfully conducted 300+ open classes and 50+ corporate training programs.

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    Thousands of Positive Reviews 99% satisfied former participants and tons of 5-star reviews. Read learner testimonials here.

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    Insights from Senior Mentors Experienced trainers with 5+ years of Agile training and 15+ years of hands-on work experience.

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    All-inclusive Certification fee is always included in the course fee. For on-site classes, light refreshments are also included.

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    Lifetime Learning Enjoy an Alumni discount on future courses. Take a free refresher of previous courses at any time.

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    Optimized for Groups Group discounts available. Customized sessions created just for your team.

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    Lively, Interactive Training Real-life case studies, role-play, problem-solving, and career guidance from a friendly, experienced Agile Trainer.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Agile Fundamentals, Manifesto, & Principles
  • Introduction to Scrum Theory, Roles, & Values
  • Overview of the entire Scrum Framework, including the Scrum process flow, Release Planning, & the Product Backlog
  • Overview of a Sprint from beginning to end
  • Overview of how to scale Agile for larger projects, including a brief introduction to SAFe
  • Hands-on case study of real-time product development using Scrum
  • View Detailed Course Outline Here

Modes of Training

  • Open classroom training
  • Customized on-site training
  • Online live instructor-led training

    Who is this course for?

    • Project Managers
    • IT Managers
    • Developers
    • System Engineers
    • Business Analysts

    Learning Objectives

    • Gain absolute clarity on Agile and Scrum principles and best practices
    • Become familiar with the concepts, advantages, and challenges of Agile Product Delivery and the Scrum framework in delivering continuous value to customers
    • Be able to apply Scrum best practices in their daily roles as Scrum Master and/or Product Owner, and slowly develop a strong Agile mindset in the workplace
    • Be ready to take Professional Scrum Master and/or Professional Scrum Product Owner certification exam provided by to obtain certification (Optional)

    Certification Details

    Certification Name: Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I)
    Certifying Body:
    Certification fees: Included in the course fees
    Certification Test format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False
    Certification Test Delivery: Online
    Certification Test access: Participants will be able to access the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 (PSPO 1) assessment via a private password sent immediately after course completion.
    Certification Test duration: 60 minutes
    Number of questions: 80 questions
    Passing score: The industry-recognized PSPO certification requires a minimum passing score of 85%
    Language: English
    Certification test retake: First attempt is included in the course fee. Additional attempts available for $200.

    *PSPO is the protected trademark of Our course is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with

    Scrum Product Owner

    Virtual Online
    Starting on
    13 October 2022.

    Training Options

    Open Classroom Training

    • Highly interactive two-day course led by experienced instructors
    • Small group sizes with personalized attention
    • Held in major cities across the USA – Currently only on the East Coast
    • Instruction runs from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm EST
    • Light Breakfast, Lunch, and Beverages provided
    • 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied
    • Free option to take the course again at no cost

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    Customized on-site training

    • Ideal for private training for a team
    • Program customized to meet your current Agile needs and situation
    • Real-world case studies included
    • No location constraints
    • Group discounts available
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Multiple teams can be trained at once

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    Live instructor virtual classes

    • Remote, web-based access for those unable to attend classroom training
    • Highly interactive and collaborative sessions
    • Experienced and friendly instructors
    • Real-world case studies included
    • Course materials available electronically
    • Free refresher option to join a future physical or virtual class
    • 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied

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    Course DatesCourse NameLocationFeeCourse Link
    13. Oct to 14. Oct 2022.
    Scrum Product Owner
    Virtual Online
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    17. Oct to 18. Oct 2022.
    Scrum Product Owner
    Virtual Online
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    27. Oct to 28. Oct 2022.
    Scrum Product Owner
    Virtual Online
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