SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Course Outline

Advancing Scrum Master servant leadership role

Exploring the Scrum Master Role in SAFe

  • Explore Scrum Master challenges in the Enterprise
  • Explain the purpose and the basic constructs of SAFe
  • Establish Scrum Master connections in SAFe

Applying the SAFe Lean-Agile Principles

  • Apply the SAFe Principles in the role of a Scrum Master

Exploring Agile and Scrum Anti-Patterns

  • Exploring anti-patterns associated with the Product Owner role
  • Explain how Stories and tasks may lead to anti-patterns
  • Identify context-specific anti-patterns in your environment

Facilitating Program Execution

  • Synchronize development with the Agile Release Train
  • Organize teams around the flow of value
  • Plan the Program Increment
  • Execute the Program Increment
  • Enable teams to release value on demand
  • Prepare for the next PI Planning session

Improving Flow with Kanban and XP

  • Build your Kanban board
  • Measure and optimize flow
  • Build quality in
  • Foster engineering craftsmanship
  • Facilitate collaboration with Architects, System Team, and Operations

Building High-Performing Teams

  • Foster collaboration on the Team
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration
  • Build trust with Stakeholders
  • Develop team skill sets
  • Build an Improvement Roadmap

Improving Program Performance

  • Explore the Inspect and Adapt process
  • Apply problem-solving workshop

Becoming a Certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master