Integrated Scrum Course Outline

(Scrum Master and Product Owner Certification)

Introduction to Agile

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Agile Manifesto and Principles
  • Overview of Adaptive Project Management and comparison with Waterfall
  • Power of Iterative Delivery model

Introduction to Scrum

  • Empiricism in Scrum
  • Product Owner- Roles and Responsibilities
  • Scrum Master- Roles and Responsibilities
  • Developers- Roles and Responsibilities
  • Scrum Values

Agile Product Delivery

  • Overview of Scrum process flow
  • Product Vision development
  • Story Map Development
  • Release Planning: overview and guidelines
  • User Stories: overview, layout, developing User Stories, acceptance criteria
  • Slicing Features into INVEST Stories
  • Product Backlog: Overview, developing the Backlog, grooming the backlog
  • Definition of Done
  • Different Prioritization techniques
  • Agile Estimation / Planning poker


  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Managing Task Board
  • Sprint Deliverables using best Technical practices
  • Daily Scrum
  • Tracking Sprint
  • Overview of Lean
  • Scrum and Kanban
  • Backlog Refinement
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

Scaling Agile to Large Projects

  • Scrum for large projects: Overview of Scrum of Scrums
  • Overview of Agile Management in Program and Portfolio
  • Brief Introduction to SAFe

Case Study

  • All important concepts are backed by hands-on exercises and a case study that demonstrates real-time product development using the Scrum framework